Value Based Care

  • The current fee for service funding model is increasingly understood to be unsustainable

    Many leaders in the medical field support a value-based care model and it is also being driven by purchaser initiatives.

    Medical schemes are increasingly linking care and outcome data to provider reimbursement.

    Health professionals are ideally positioned to lead this process.

    However, a failure of initiative may result in standards and measures of care being be imposed upon us.

    The goal of value-based care is to achieve the best patient outcomes and experience, while limiting direct and indirect costs. Measurement and data collection are essential to this process.

    OutcomesIT is a platform that enables health professionals to practice in a value-based care environment by:

    • incorporating standardized scales and measures
    • using dashboards to track individual client outcomes
    • backing up data for analysis of assessment, treatment and outcome variables
    • facilitating other aspects of value-based care, including the integration of care in multidisciplinary practice units

    Mastering the value agenda with OutcomesIT has the potential to grow your practice and future income

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