About Us

About Us

Our Vision:

OutcomesIT to provide life-long, patient-centric electronic health records that enable:

  • Computable health data that fulfills its key role at the centre of professional health care practice, research and education;
  • A trusted balance of privacy for patients and accountable, appropriate information sharing among healthcare providers.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to improve the delivery, co-ordination, and quality of health care through the provision of health information technology and clinical data exchange.

The exchange of healthcare information must enable:

  • Coordinating healthcare more efficiently among many different healthcare providers;
  • Giving health care providers more complete patient information at the time of interaction/treatment;
  • Empowering healthcare providers and patients to make better treatment decisions together;
  • Improving the management of disorders both acute and chronic;
  • Reducing errors and duplication of tests;
  • Improving the quality of healthcare;
  • Putting patients first.

Impressive depth of knowledge and experience

The OutcomesIT team offers an impressive depth of knowledge and experience, not only in the fields of psychiatry and addiction but also on the service development and business side of medical practice.

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    Dr Duncan Laurenson – Founder and Managing Director

    MBChB. (UCT) Postgraduate Diploma Addiction Care(UCT)

    Duncan has 20 years’ experience in addiction medicine. He works at a number of prominent Cape Town addiction clinics as well working with patients at an opiate substitution clinic at TBHIV, an NGO service organisation for NACOSA in Cape Town and Mbombela.

    Duncan’s initial foray into medical software development was driven by the failure of the incumbent system  to focus on treatment outcomes and continuing care. The  need to measure treatment response and track patient outcomes in the addiction field has been highlighted in recent years. He started Recovery Outcomes, which used the first version of OutcomesIT software. It incorporates standardised assessment and outcomes measures, into a continuing care program, which provides monitoring and support to patients with substance use disorders.

    While on this path, he met Dr Eugene Allers who was on a similar conceptual path with other mental health disorders, and required a multidisciplinary platform to implement the same vision. This has led to the development of a front-end electronic health record, with an scale-able cloud based database that incorporates every facet of medical practice.

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    Natalia Pereira  – Director

    BLC (UP); LLB (UP); Environmental Law (WITS Diploma)

    Natalia practiced as a lawyer specialising in international intellectual property law. She worked in a UK branch of an Intellectual Property Law Firm and was a Director and Head of Department at a top tier South African law firm for several years. Currently she runs a consultancy in which she exercises her passion for innovation, IP law  and entrepreneurship. OutcomesIT has served to expand her knowledge regarding value-based care and outcomes measurement, confidentiality and legal privacy requirements.

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    Dr Eugene Allers

    MBChB (UCT) MMed Psych (UP) FCPsych

    Dr Eugene Allers is a psychiatrist  in private practice with a keen interest in all matters relating to management of private practice. He is knowledgeable on value based care and how this relates to the practice of psychiatry and related disciplines. He has an in-depth understanding of electronic health records and how this can improve the management and logistics of private practice. Dr Allers is well known and respected in the psychiatric fraternity and has previously served on various boards and committees relating to psychiatry and is presently a consultant for Psychiatry Management Group.

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    Dr Gerhard Grundling

    MA Clinical Psychology (Pretoria). MBA (Pretoria). PrM (APM)

    Gerhard is a clinical psychologist in private practice. He is interested and involved in the mental healthcare field in South Africa. His interests are focussed on strategic planning and analysis of future trends and aligning management to enable private practice to gain advantage and ensure sustainability. Technology as future trend and how this impacts on value based care is a particular focus area. He is part of the management of Clinical Psychology Forum – South Africa.

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    Dr Robert Bothwell

    MBChB (Wits). MRCPysch (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

    Before starting in private practice in 2007, Robert ran therapeutic and addiction units attached to the University of Cape Town and became Principle Psychiatrist at Valkenberg Hospital. Now based at Akeso Kenilworth Clinic, he works in General Adult and Addiction Psychiatry. At the start of his clinical career, Robert was involved in researching and providing training in the area of Cognitive Therapy. A focus on individual therapy has evolved into an interest in developing services that offer effective, integrated care and he collaborated with Duncan in developing the Recovery Outcomes program.

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