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OutcomesIT Features


OutcomesIT is an easy to use Electronic Health Record that allows for full digital conversion of your practice. Communication with medical aids and laboratories is enabled along with easy interaction between multidisciplinary team members. OutcomesIT was designed to help clinicians track patient data, including outcomes data.

Electronic Health Record

  • Efficient note-keeping
    • structured consultations
    • includes drop down menus
    • prompts for essential information
    • entries to assist prescribing and report writing
  • Typed or handwritten entries
  • Additional applications enable script to text conversion
  • Fully integrated
    • scripting
    • sicknotes
    • billing codes
    • authorization requests to medical scheme
    • referral letters, discharge summaries and reports
  • Timed sessions for verification purposes
  • DSM and ICD coding

Practice Management

  • Calendar and appointment scheduling
  • Appointment reminders and messaging to patient
  • Patient intake forms
  • Billing details and day sheets
  • Document management
  • Graded access for colleagues and practice staff
    • PA can enter and access non-clinical information
    • Nominated colleagues can view patient records


  • Integrated video calls
  • Consult with your client remotely or run a group


  • QR code to enable pharmacy validation of e-script
  • Repeat scripting supported
  • Medicine price comparison
  • Inpatient prescription charts
  • Schedule 6 calculations and OST prescribing

Enhanced Patient Care

  • Easy access to web-based patient records wherever you are
  • Incorporates validated tests to aid assessment and measure outcomes
  • Dashboard to highlight history and track patient progress
  • Supports multidisciplinary management with graded access across disciplines
  • Patient timeline that incorporates multidisciplinary reports and consultations
  • Data backup for analyzing assessment, treatment and outcome variables
  • Diagnostic (ICD10) and billing codes relevant to your discipline
  • Laboratory result integration in spreadsheet format
  • Continuing care module
  • OST prescribing and tracking

Developed for South African Mental Health Professionals

OutcomesIT was developed in the South African mental health care environment by psychiatrists, family practitioners, clinical and counselling psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers, dieticians and physiotherapists. It supports users working in diverse settings.


Users & Practice Settings

Augment your practice with tools that support Value Based Care

OutcomesIT is an inexpensive application that can augment your practice by incorporating validated tools, outcome measures and data collection. It is designed to facilitate prompt communication and coordinated patient care.

Value based care

Going digital

A quick guide to converting your practice

There may be many reasons we put off converting to digital record keeping, even as the benefits becoming increasingly evident. It is never easy to change work habits that have been laid down over many years. Many of us are ambivalent or anxious at the prospect of changing from paper to digital practice.

Taking the First Steps – A Guide.

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